The Eggdrop FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Last Update: 14-Oct-2000
by Ernesto Baschny "Ernst" <>

This FAQ was really written in 1998-1999 and so most of it refers to eggdrop 1.3.x bots. It was HTMLized and some things added and corrected in Oct-2000. But there are things missing and things that need to be revised to also support 1.4.x, 1.5.x and future bots. The idea will be to include a tag for each question/answer to tell to which eggdrop version it refers.

Another big thing needed to be updated are the links! I have not been actively into eggdrop development process the last year, so I miss the current links and email adresses of mailing lists, etc. (there are still some links in it!!)

While currently these are static HTML-pages this FAQ will in future go to into database and be searchable, generated on-the-fly for different eggdrop versions, and probably maintainable by more people.

FAQ Index
Internet Links A set of links to Internet resources that have something to do with eggdrop.
Compiling the bot Not very comprehensive, but this sections brings some details about things you need to know to compile your bot sucessfully. This does not intend to include any system-specific problems. See the compiling.FAQ for those answers.
Running the bot Soon you will want to start your bot. You already have compiled the bot and edited the config file. This section covers some tips about running your bot, setting up the crontab, and what can go wrong.
Using the bot Now the bot is running, and you are happy with it. But what about using it? You know some basics already, but need some help in some specific situations. Also you are wanting some tips to improve the way you interact with eggdrop.
Linking and sharing You are a master with honours in the matter "eggdrop", know every command and their syntax, and you think you are ready to link two bots, and maybe even make them share a userfile. This is not very easy, so this section tries to decypher and explain simple situations and errors you might encounter on your sharing way.
TCL-Scripting The bot is running, everthing is linked and sharing, and you are happy. But you are bored! You want to make some funny things in TCL. But things does not always work as you like, so this section tries to answer the most common mistakes that you will face, and gives you some nice tips about improving the bots capabilities.
Miscellaneous Some assorted things that doesn't fit anywhere else are found in this section.