The Eggdrop FAQ

I found a bug, here is the output of DEBUG. Please fix!

You should first try to reproduce the bug, and find a pattern that will trigger the bot's crashing (or whatever) in a consistant manner. Just sending one copy of your DEBUG file will not help very much, you need to see if you can reproduce the error over and over.

Having that, describe exactly the situation, append relevant DEBUG information and information about your system (output of the 'uname -a' command, for example) and the TCL version your bot was compiled with, and send it to one of the main mailing lists:

How can I find out with what version of TCL my bot was really compiled?

In your partyline, type: .tcl info patchlevel
If this gives you an error that the .tcl command is not avaliable, you can append a line to your bots configuration file:

  putlog "TCL Version: [info patchlevel]"  

Do a .rehash or restart the bot, and pay attention, after loading everything you will see it telling you the version number.

Can you recommend a good shell provider?

From: Chuck Byam <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 98 20:54:39 -0500

For a listing of nearly 4000 ISP's worldwide see:

Don't come to the mailing lists asking for suggestions. The best shell is the shell that works best for you.

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