The Eggdrop FAQ
Using the Bot

I need a TCL script to...

totally not up-to-date!

  • lock the topic of a channel, or set it, when the bot just entered

  • watch for "bad words" in the channel

  • let bots get ops from each other in a safe way (no autoop) This is already bundled in the eggdrop distribution and you can find it in the 'scripts/getops*.tcl' file.

  • check for clones in my channel*.tcl.gz

  • autoaway's user in the partyline

I don't want certain people to be kicked by "idle-kick". How?

Just set the +f flag (friend) for those, and they will not be kicked.

I try to add an user, and eggdrop says "user isn't on the channel"

When you use .adduser, the given nick but be in the channel of your current console. Check out by typing .channel if the bot sees him there. If you are in the incorrect console channel, switch to the correct one using .console #channel and then use .adduser nick.

An alternative way is to use the .+user nick host command. There the bot will only create the user record, without any hostmask or flags, so you will have to do it on your own. For example:

  .+user NewUser *!*new@*  
  .chattr NetUser +xph             

I just edited my configuration, changed a channel setting, and .rehash'ed, but the old settings are back! Why?

Try to delete your channel file before .rehash'ing, because these settings are loaded after your configuration file, and they will override them.

Alternatively, you can use the .chanset command to set the settings and save them with the .save command. Then make the same changes in your configuration file before .rehash'ing.

When I relay to another bot the bold and characters are not shown correctly

If the output looks something like:

  <Bot> Hey [1mNick![0m  My name is [1mBot1.1[0m and I  

It means you should use: .fixcodes off

What does the "cache hits" in the .status all mean?

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 17:49:44 +0100
From: Q <>

To be short, cache hit depends on how many users he knows from those who are on the channel. So when their are a lot of users, and he doesn't know anybody of them, cache hit is low, when their are few, and he knows them all, cache hit is high.

I type .match |thenick| and although |thenick| exists, it returns nothing! Why?

The '|' and '&' characters have a special meaning when matching users. It is a separator for global/channel flags. So use

  .whois |thenick|  

instead to see the information about this nick. If you need to search for nicks with the '|' character, try:

  .match \|thenick\|  

Does eggdrop currently supports DCC RESUMES?


When I use the .+ban command I want it to add the hostmask of that nick, but it doesn't!

The .+ban command is used to add a ban-mask to the channels, and not to ban a specific user. If you need to use it, you will have to find out the hostmask before using the .+ban command. The syntax is:

  .+ban *!*the@*.ban.mask #channel Comment  

You can ommit the #channel if you want to make a global ban.

If you use the kickban command, it will kick the specified nick, and set a proper (temporary) ban with its hostmask:

  .kickban Nick #channel  

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