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last update: 25-Oct-2000

I get many mails about eggdrop, most of it is about bugs and questions about the scripts I wrote or changed. So this page will try to list all of my work with eggdrop and maybe help people before they feel the urge to send me an email! :) (you still can email me, of course!)

Some IRCops have something against bots and eggdrops because the bots that become "famous" are the ones that make trouble. They should start looking at bots that are cool and useful, either for protecting a channel on networks without ChanServ or for producing statistics, making something entertaining or useful.

Ernst <>


  • The eggdrop FAQ now has a nicer HTML Layout and some things have been updated and added. Not much really new, and support for eggdrop 1.4.x and 1.5.x still missing, but hey, you can see some progress...

  • Released a Win32 Version of sendftp
    This can be used for pipol that are wanting to run for example ChanStats on an Win32 eggdrop bot.

  • Updated seen to version 5.5.4
  • Updated seen in portuguese to version 5.5.4
  • Now should work without error ("Tcl error [part:seen]: called "part:seen" with too many arguments.") on eggdrop 1.5.x (beta)
  • Updated clone_detect to version 3.6 making it also work on eggdrop 1.5.x (beta)

  • Updated clone_detect to version 3.5 fixing some common bugs and making it also work find on 1.4.x eggdrops.

  • Updated seen to version 5.5.3
  • Updated seen in portuguese to version 5.5.3
  • Fixed some bugs, thanks to "Captain James T. Amf" <>

  • Released protsys version 1.1 (for eggdrop >1.3.17)
  • Released protsys version 1 (for eggdrop <1.3.17)

  • Updated seen to version 5.5.2
  • Updated seen in portuguese to version 5.5.2

  • Updated seen to version 5.5.1
  • Added seen version 5.5.1 in portuguese
  • 8-May-1999
  • This page is created
  • Updated chanstats to version 2.01
  • Updates news to version 4.2
  • Updated clone_detect for eggdrop 1.3.x to version 3.3B
  • "Released" CTCP flood protection

  • Some links by Ernst

    External links

    Scripts for eggdrop by Ernst

    Altnick - Allows storing of alternate nicknames with users on the bot

    This is used in some other scripts already. My seen and url scripts, but I have seen it in other places too.

    altnick.tcl [4-Ago-1997] - for eggdrops 1.0 - 1.2.x
    altnick3.tcl [15-Feb-1998] - for eggdrops 1.3

    ChanStats - Publishes statistics about the channel on the Web

    My official release is ChanStats 1.3, which became very popular on channels all around the world (e.g. search for "Channel * statistics for" on altavista). Many variations appeared, many people claiming that the script that generated the page was his own, but REAL people know that the real author is me, hehe.

    Since ChanStats 1.3 was for eggdrop 1.0 (and is in the scripts1.0 directory of Expresso's eggdrop archive) someone thought it would be cool to do it for eggdrop 1.3 too. So he released a thing called "chanstats2.0" and put it in the scripts1.3 directory. Unfortulately for most of us, this is entirely in Polish!!! So some gentle soul released another thing which also included an english version. But if you look closely you will notice that nothing was changed from Chanstats 1.3 to this "english" 2.0 version, just the credits. Not very surprisingly, since Chanstats 1.3 also works on eggdrop 1.3 :)

    Nevertheless, here is my ChanStats "2.01" [8-May-1999] which is in english, supports eggdrop 1.3 and also fixes some bugs.

    Every once in a while I continue working on a real new ChanStats (should have been 2.0, but now I will probably call it 3.0). Many many new cool features and additions, but this is still a dream and should not come out in the near future! :)

    Clone Detect - Detects clones joining the channel and kicks/bans them

    This was originally from By-Thor, I took over on version 2.2. Beginning on version 3 also eggdrops 1.3.x were supported. The last version 3.6 fixes some bugs and should also work on eggdrop 1.5.x.

    Clone Detect 3A [28-Feb-1998] for eggdrop 1.1.x - 1.2.x
    Clone Detect 3.6 [27-Sep-2000] for eggdrop 1.3.x, 1.4.x and 1.5.x.

    CTCP Flood Protection - Avoids bot from flooding of because of a CTCP-attack from multiple hosts

    Nothing much to say. I just took over what DeathHand and MrNatural have brought us, and made some corrections, additions, and "beautified" the code... I just love nice TCL! :) Get CTCP flood protection [8-May-1999] now!

    Flagnote - Sends a note to many users at the same time

    I just took over on version 5, and made additions and corrections and also ported it to work on eggdrop 1.3.x. Version 5.2 of Flagnote [11-May-1998] was released by LoveAngel and fixes some bugs with users that forward notes to another bot.

    Get Ops - Script for bots to ask for ops/invites/unbans via the botnet

    Getops comes with eggdrop in the scripts directory for a while now. I worked on the release of getops version 2.1. Current version is now getops 2.3 [8-Feb-1999], which works pretty well.

    irc2www Gateway - Your bot is a gateway from IRC to the Web

    A very complex script which is only avaliable for eggdrop version 1.1.5 because of the need to patch the bot itself for it to work. Maybe someday I will release something for newer bots, too. irc2www-advanced [6-Ago-1998] can be found here, this is called "advanced" because of the need of the patch. There should have been a version also that doesn't require a patch, but since it didn't worked so well, I just haven't released it.

    News - Storing and reading of "news" in the channels bot

    This news script has been there since the early beginnings, the first version was written by the bots author itself (Robey Pointer). I took over since version 3 (for eggdrop 1.0) and later version 4 (for eggdrops 1.3.x only).

    Some fixes to the good old news4 are in news4.2 [8-May-1999], so get it, if you are having problems. There is also a script called pub_news4 [9-May-1999] which is simply meant to make the bot read the news in the channel when asked for it (only allowed people are authorized to request this, of course).

    Seen - Tells last seen time of users known by the bot

    I took over development of seen on version 5 and added new features and funtionality. Last version is seen 5.5.4 [27-Sep-2000] which fixes some of popular bugs. There is also a version of seen 5.5.4 in (brazilian) portuguese [27-Sep-2000] for portuguese speaking channels.

    Send FTP - Creates a TCL command to sending files via FTP to another host

    sendftp version 1.01 [12-Jun-1997]. This also comes with chanstats 2.01. sendftp for Windows version 1 [5-Oct-2000].

    URL - Storing and retrieving of users URLs on IRC

    This script will allow your bot's users to store their homepage address (url) which may then be requested by anyone in public or private. url [23-May-1997]. This is for eggdrop 1.0 - 1.2.x.

    Peak - Stores the highest user count in a channel in a day

    I took over Peak from zarni and corrected and modified lots of things. Result was my own peak [23-May-1997]. This is for eggdrops 1.0 - 1.2.x.

    This Eggdrop bots and Tcl scripts site is run by Ernesto Baschny
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